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About Us

An Introduction

Hello Everyone!

We want to welcome you to be part of our Park family.  Whatever your length of stay, we want to make it a memorable one.  Caring for our Patrons is what makes our business so enjoyable to us.

- Marv and Heather Wall


How It All Began

Easily-Accessible Location

We chose the location of River Valley RV Park for the convenience of our patrons.

We are located just 15 minutes from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, on the twinned Trans-Canada Highway 16 West.

Nearby Neighbors

Situated close to a gas/diesel station, convenience store, sports bar, and several restaurants, you can park and stay without worrying about driving to access these services.

See the list of local attractions!


River Valley RV Park is close enough to Saskatoon for easy commuting to and from the city.

Being outside of Saskatoon also allows you to start the next leg of your journey without the hassle of city traffic.

Designed For You

The size of our park is intended to keep the atmosphere quiet and relaxed.


We are committed to your comfort, providing impeccable cleanliness, and maintaining eye-catching beauty!

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